Is to provide a ranch setting for Post 9/11 veterans

and rescue animals (horses and large dogs)

to improve their lives by bringing them

together in a thoughtful, caring way offering

the animals a second chance at life and

veterans a second chance to find health and

happiness. The program incorporates

therapeutic care of rescue animals through

daily interaction and bonding with veterans.

This approach provides a unique solution for

healing not solely dependent on prescription

medication, or traditional psychotherapy,

but rather the opportunity to use tools as

well as a specialized pastoral counseling

program to redefine their purpose,

rediscover their inner strength, and

maximize their potential by taking ownership

of their lives for the first time since leaving

the service.



Provide a unique and wholistic approach that

combines rescued animal therapy and

specialized faith-based counseling on

working ranches. The veteran, who resides

and works on the ranch, saves the animal

while the animal provides the veteran with

unconditional love and support which

thereby eases stress, depression, loneliness,

and anxiety. We offer a calm and supportive

atmosphere of camaraderie, a family

environment, and support for veterans and

their families to regain a sense of identity,

purpose, self-worth, and confidence both

individually and as a family through this

integrated program…All at no cost to the

service member and their family!



The transition from wartime deployments and active military service into civilian life has a wide-ranging impact on the quality of life for our veterans. The loss of their military identity is one of the greatest challenges. After experiencing the empowerment of being a valued member of an elite team, successfully completing specialized military training, and bearing the overall responsibility of others’ lives…many veterans feel misunderstood, empty, rejected, and even angered with what they now perceive as a lack of purpose in civilian life. It is RRVAR’s aim to provide a ranch setting for the animal rescue to help manage these transitional issues unique to civilian life and commonly experienced by Post 9/11 veterans and their families. Participants will reside and work on the ranch and receive a specialized pastoral counseling and animal therapy program designed to bring healing and restore focus, unity, and purpose back into their lives.